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 If many people are given the opportunity to define who a man is? you will hear a lot of definitions or some might even say just one and that is it, just like the dictionary state or define a man as an “Adult Male Human Begin” and it ends there for the dictionary definitions, while if some people are allowed to describe who a man is apart from the dictionary definitions, you will hear things like: A man is a father for children, for wives a husband or father to my children, for mothers a man is my son, and for fathers, a man is my son, and so on why because that is their definitions. Read on and discover who a man is.

A lot of men today don’t know who they are and what they are, today I will use the opportunity of what I have discovered about who a man is and I will share it in this write-up, I discovered two definitions of who a man is and what each alphabet stand for which is 

M:  Morning                        

A:   Afternoon                       

N:   Night      

M:  Manifesting                    

N:   Newcovenant

A:   Agreement

This means for the first discovery there is a morning in every man’s life

There is an afternoon in every man’s life

There is a Night in every man’s life

Morning is the beginning of everyone's life,&(everyone must and will pass through it) which is also the beginning of new things, in every man’s life and in every woman's life, you must pass through a beginning in life and it is everyone's obligation to know the period they are, because a lot of people as used their beginning without them knowing it. 

The afternoon is the middle of something and the moment to work because you will see what you are working on clearly without hindrance and that is the time to achieve that which you ought to achieve and so you can have what to fall back to, later in life when the ability to work will not be there anymore.

Night: Is the resting moment or period “Rest” No more works

In all you do in life there are three periods you must think about and work towards having excellent results at the end, because there is always an end to everything in life. I want you to know that all mornings, all afternoons, all nights in a man or woman’s life are for “GOD’S WORD” what I mean by this is that you can’t be a man or a woman without been it until you start manifesting the potentials you carry as an individual nothing will work because there are potentials in you, you need to discover or if you have discovered it, then manifesting it must follow how? by going out to make what you carry become an action not sitting and doing nothing about your potentials.  please read through our blog post title “Find out what makes you unique" once you read through that write-up it’s will help you to discover what is inside of you and it will help, teach you and help you to learn how to use your potentials. 

A lot of people don’t agree with their potentials and some doesn't know that they have potentials inside them, why because of the lack of knowledge and ignorance, they aren't aware of the fact that they can make a lot of things happen that will make others look for them and need them to create things for them that can shake the world and make them achieve greater success in life but because of fears and doubts, once you have fear to achieve a goal, success will be far away but once you have “MAN’FULNESS” which is God, inside of God there are uncountable things you will get, for you to achieve everything you need in life and everything you will ever need in life, the boldness, courage, strength, confidence to achieve anything is in God all the qualities you will need is in God but you must be ready to pay the price which is the “New Covenant” Jesus Christ the Son of God who died for you, me and the whole wide world even when we didn’t know,

 you must be ready to follow him, to receive him as your Lord and personal savior, God gave us Jesus as the key to see him because God gave the Spirit of holiness to Jesus Christ so we can approach God which means once we approach Jesus we approach God and the word of God said in the book of John 4:24(God is a Spirit and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth) 

yes, those that come to Jesus must come with the whole of their hearts, for you to know the season you are in and to know how to discover and use your potentials you must receive Jesus because He is the way, the truth, and the light because the life without Jesus has no covering & no power backing up their life, likewise, a life that doesn’t have Jesus in him or her they have no power and protection backing them up, worry not because you are not alone because the Freedom himself (Jesus Christ the Son of God) is calling you Receive him today to be protected and be secured in him I tell you your life will experience a sudden change for greatness. Receive him into your life today by praying the prayers below and place your right hand on your chest;

Dear Lord Jesus, I know I am a sinner, and I ask for your forgiveness. I believe you died for my sins and rose from the dead. I turn from my sins and invite you to come into my heart and life. I want to trust and follow you as my Lord and Savior, so help me God and say (Amen).


 And if you have received Jesus in your Life before now I say congratulations to you and please pray this prayer below:

Dear Lord help me to know you more and give me the grace to always ask for more of you and give me the grace to always abide in you, let the world hear of my testimony of how you have saved me and let their lives be transformed by how you have transformed my life too in Jesus mighty name (Amen). Wonderful believers, please let keep sharing and telling the world about God’s goodness in our lives.

And if you have prayed the (Number 1) prayers above kindly locate the nearest church to see the church pastor and explain everything to him or her of how you have received Jesus into your life and if you are unable to do so for one reason or the other please kindly email us then, please the reason you are asked to contact or meet a pastor or email us is that all of this is just to help you to continue growing in Jesus and to learn more about him, God bless you as you do so.

For any questions, contributions and suggestions leave a comment in the comment box or please fill our Ask questions & Get answers to form below Because we love to hear from you, you can as well drop your contact no. so you can be added to Freedom All Over WhatsApp group to still ask questions and if as a believer you are interested to answer people’s questions about this write-up you are also welcome to fill the contact form and am sure it will help people to learn and keep increasing in the knowledge of God. God bless you (AMEN)!







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