Do You Live A Life You Are Proud Of Check This


Everyone in this world wants freedom, as in who doesn’t want freedom? Breaking through all fears, freedom from self-doubt, so that we are fearless, standing firm and not letting ourselves be burdened again by the yoke of slavery (Galatians 5:1).

But do you know that in as much as we want freedom some people want freedom but their lifestyle wouldn’t let them be free because they aren’t proud of the life they live, how much more them been free, imagine someone that steals for a living comes out publicly to say do you know that I steal for a living or someone that tells lies to come out publicly and say do you know each time I talk or each conversation I have with people I always tell lies, etc…………. we all know these ways of life isn’t a life to be proud of, then why do people live a life they aren’t proud of? 

There was a holy gathering I was privileged to be in precisely Church where the pastor of the church a woman of God said something that got me wondering that indeed a life you live and you aren’t proud of is indeed a very bad life and there is no happiness in it, but the life you live and you are proud of is indeed called the freedom life and you can say it anywhere, any day and any time, so the pastor asked the congregation how many people here must have told someone or their family that they were coming here to the church today and some people in the congregation raised their hands, she said great, now she asked again if it’s were to be an herbalist house some people where to go and do evil charms,

how many people here think such people will be able to announce it publicly that I am going to an herbalist house to do evil, everyone answered that isn’t possible she now said it’s only a holy gathering you can announce you are going to. Likewise, the life some people lives they aren’t proud of it because there is no freedom in it, I am not trying to judge anyone “BUT” the fact remains that the cost of freedom is to live a life that is worth saying out not secretly living it and one can say it anywhere that this is the life I live that is the life of freedom 

Ask yourself today what type of life do I live? Is it a life of freedom? Am I proud of it? 

Do you know a life without Jesus Christ the Son of God who died for you, and I the whole wide world on the cross and rose from death Jesus Christ has the power to set you free from the bondage of sin, from any sin, no matter how intense, habitual or powerful it’s maybe in your life, Jesus Christ the Son of God is the way, the truth, and the life, 

do you know that whoever beliefs in him (Jesus) will not perish but have everlasting life? (John 3:16) , Let him step into your life today and have him as your Lord and personal Savior today and forever, a life without Jesus has no covering or no power backing up their life, likewise a life that doesn’t have Jesus in their lives have no freedom and protection backing them up, why worry or feel you are alone when you are not because the Freedom himself (Jesus Christ the Son of God) is calling you today not just calling you but asking you, will you allow me to step into your life today? Will you let him? Receive him today to be protected and be secured in him. I tell you your life will experience a sudden change for greatness. Receive him into your life today by praying the prayers below and place your right hand on your chest; 

Dear Lord Jesus, I know I am a sinner, and I ask for your forgiveness. I believe you died for my sins and rose from the dead. I turn from my sins and invite you to come into my heart and life today and forevermore. I want to trust and follow you as my Lord and Savior, so help me God and say (Amen).


 And if you have received Jesus in your Life before now I say congratulations to you and please pray this prayer below: 

Dear Lord help me to know you more and give me the grace to always ask for more of you and give me the grace to always abide in you, let the world hear of my testimony of how you have saved me and let their lives be transformed by how you have transformed my life too in Jesus mighty name (Amen). Wonderful believers, please keep sharing and telling the world about God’s goodness in our lives.

And if you have prayed the (Number 1) prayers above kindly locate the nearest church to see the church pastor and explain everything to him or her of how you have received Jesus into your life and if you are unable to do so for one reason or the other please kindly email us then, please the reason you are asked to contact or meet a pastor is that all of this is just to help you to continue growing in Jesus and to learn more about him, God bless you as you do so.

For any questions, contributions and suggestions leave a comment in the comment box or please fill our Ask questions & Get answers form below  Because we love to hear from you, also you can as well drop your contact no. so you can be added to Freedom All Over WhatsApp group to still ask questions and if as a believer you are interested to answer people’s questions about this write-up you are also welcome to fill the contact form and am sure it will help people to learn and keep increasing in the knowledge of God. God bless you (AMEN)!


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