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Whoever you are, wherever you are from, and whatever you want to become and whatever you want to get in life you must improve in your thinking and also have knowledge of what you desire to have (Proverbs 19:2).

Do you know before you were formed in your mother’s womb God the creator of the universe knew you? In fact; He even knows you even more than you can ever know your own self because He created all things, have you then ask yourself what do I need that he isn’t capable to give to me?

There is nothing out there! You are looking for that wasn’t created by God; the money, comfortable life, connections, healing, success, protection, promotion, cars, houses, businesses, admission into the university, childbearing, marriage, provisions, etc.……. whatever you are looking for he got it all in his hands, yes discovering all of this and desiring to have them is a good thing, but when we check most of the reasons behind why people are looking for all of these and desire to have them we realize the motive in which they want all these things are just to use them for selfish gains.

 most people desire to have so much money to show off to people that they are wealthy now you will be hearing things like when I have this money I will buy that, I will do that or rather show my friends now. I have money and deal with people that refuse to accommodate me when I had no money and once they eventually get this money they forget that the reason behind God giving them and blessing them with this money is for them to help others in need, touch lives with it positively, there are also orphans, etc…. who needs help and a little they will give will help lives, and yet they have this money and they still will refuse to be of help to others that are truly in need, that is why when God gives you this money you always desire to have, the question is how will you use it?

Please before you ask from God next check and examine yourself and ask yourself this: once I am given what I desire, how will I use it? And I tell you if sincerely you ask yourself and you pick a pen to write how you will use it, by you writing it down its will give you wisdom on what to do once it’s comes and you will realize that having knowledge on what you desire is a very strong weapon for you not to miss the way (Proverbs 19:2). For instance, a student that wants to write an exam in school, am very sure there will be a lot of preparations for him to do and that is for him to have an excellent result and no student wouldn’t desire to have A’s in their academic so he will need to plan very well so he can get good grades and he must know how much work he has to do to achieve good grades and when he gets the good grades he is expecting, he knows he must maintain it for him to go higher and to continue having good grades, he must prepare very well and better than the first time but do you know with that type of plans the student has it’s as given him the knowledge and road map for excellence, that is how as individual we must prepare like that, desiring to have one thing or the other you must go through your examination process that is why you must examine your motive before asking from God and to know how you will use it when you have it positively or negatively.

And how will you ask and you will get what you desire if you don’t have the foundation himself in your life am talking about the one and only one who gives freely to those who come to him and he transforms their lives for good, Jesus Christ the Son of God is the way, the truth, and the life, do you know that whoever that believes in him (Jesus) will not perish but have everlasting life? (John 3:16) ,  Let him step into your life today and have him as your Lord and personal Savior today and forever, a life without Jesus has no covering or no power backing up their life,  likewise a life that doesn’t have Jesus in him or her they have no power and protection backing them up, why worry or feel you are alone when you are not because the Freedom himself (Jesus Christ the Son of God) is calling you today not just calling you but asking you, will you allow me to step into your life today? Will you let him? Receive him today to be protected and be secured in him. I tell you your life will experience a sudden change for greatness. Receive him into your life today by praying the prayers below and place your right hand on your chest;

Dear Lord Jesus, I know I am a sinner, and I ask for your forgiveness. I believe you died for my sins and rose from the dead. I turn from my sins and invite you to come into my heart and life. I want to trust and follow you as my Lord and Savior, so help me God and say (Amen).


 And if you have received Jesus in your Life before now I say congratulations to you and please pray this prayer below:

Dear Lord help me to know you more and give me the grace to always ask for more of you and give me the grace to always abide in you, let the world hear of my testimony of how you have saved me and let their lives be transformed by how you have transformed my life too in Jesus mighty name (Amen). Wonderful believers, please keep sharing and telling the world about God’s goodness in our lives.

And if you have prayed the (Number 1) prayers above kindly locate the nearest church to see the church pastor and explain everything to him or her of how you have received Jesus into your life and if you are unable to do so for one reason or the other please kindly email us then, please the reason you are asked to contact or meet a pastor or email us is that all of this is just to help you to continue growing in Jesus and to learn more about him, God bless you as you do so.

For any questions, contributions and suggestions leave a comment in the comment box or please fill our Ask questions & Get answers form below  Because we love to hear from you, also you can as well drop your contact no. so you can be added to Freedom All Over WhatsApp group to still ask questions and if as a believer you are interested to answer people’s questions about this write-up you are also welcome to fill the contact form and am sure it will help people to learn and keep increasing in the knowledge of God. God bless you (AMEN)!


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