See What Anger Can Cost You

What type of seed is growing inside of you?

Anger is a seed, when you allow it to grow inside of you its become a tree and destroy things that were supposed to be kept for 10years in 1day, Do you know that anger is a seed called "Unhappiness" you can not be angry and be happy, anger is the killer of happiness when anger comes upon you, you realize you are not yourself anymore, Anger is like a beast building up to devour something good, Anger is so bad that you think you are in control of everything around you but once it's over you realize you were the one that is been controlled by it, Everything seems okay when an angry man or woman is at the point of anger let me give an example: Anger is like adding petrol to fire it keeps burning and burning. 

Anger is among the things that kill the body because when it is at work in you, you will have a lot of strength when it's gone the strength goes away with it, and then the eyes will be open to saying "What have I done" What have I done is the thing anger leaves behind after everything, But most people choose to be blind to see this, Been angry is normal but what you do when it comes on you, how you acted & the action you took is what is important no wonder the Bible says in the book of Ephesians 4:26(“Be angry, and do not sin”: do not let the sun go down on your wrath,) Do not allow the sun to go down and you still hold on to that anger or you allow that anger to remain in you, sadly a lot of people in life would have gone pass where they are today or another better level but because of the anger inside of them this will always stop them to even speak with the person that would have helped or given them a helping hand to the top.

"Note: Where there is Anger there is    Jealousy" 

Let go of anger Do not let anger get the better of you, Start from today to get rid of all anger inside of you no matter what it is you are feeling inside of you. Become the person that sees anger and let it go, if in case you are reading this & you still feel you can not let go of anger in your life or you are asking yourself what are the necessary steps I need to take to get rid of anger? And maybe you have someone you want anger to leave their lives, I urge you to Recieve Jesus Christ into your life if it's somebody else then share this write-up with them not just by sharing alone but by praying for them asking God to touch their lives a non-stop prayer till they change & if you are yet to receive Jesus Christ into your life I want you to know this that:

A life without Jesus has no covering & no power backing up their lives, likewise, a life that doesn’t have Jesus in him or her life they have no power and protection backing them up, worry not because you are not alone the Freedom himself (Jesus Christ the Son of God) is calling you Receive him today to be protected and be secured in him, I tell you your life will experience a sudden change for greatness. Receive him into your life today by praying the prayers below and placing your right hand on your chest; 

Dear Lord Jesus, I know I am a sinner, and I ask for your forgiveness. I believe you died for my sins and rose from the dead. I turn from my sins and invite you to come into my heart and life. I want to trust and follow you as my Lord and Savior, so help me God and say (Amen).


If you have prayed the prayers above kindly locate the nearest church to see the church pastor and explain everything to him or her of how you have received Jesus into your life and if you are unable to do so for one reason or the other please kindly email us then, please the reason you are asked to contact or meet a pastor or email us is that all of this is just to help you to continue growing in Jesus and to learn more about him, God bless you, as you do so.

For any questions, contributions and suggestions leave a comment in the comment box, or please fill our Ask questions & Get answers form is below Because we love to hear from you, you can as well drop your contact no. so you can be added to Freedom All Over WhatsApp groups to still ask questions and if as a believer you are interested to answer people’s questions about this write-up you are also welcome to fill the contact form and am sure it will help people to learn and keep increasing in the knowledge of God. God bless you (AMEN)!

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